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Frequently Asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about WOW, World of Win.

When and how will the WOW native tokens be available?

WOW native tokens, a.k.a. Token WOW, will be first issued in late May via TGE events on the ISKRA launchpad. Those interested in purchasing or receiving airdrops can sign up here to get updates. Refer to the Token Distribution section for the details about the token allocation and key terms.

When and how will the Piggy Bank NFT be available?

Piggy Bank NFTs will be made available in mid June via INO events on the ISKRA launchpad. Those interested in participating in the minting events or receiving airdrops can sign up here to get updates. Piggy Bank NFTs are classified into five types: Pink, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black depending on holder benefits. Pink grade Piggy Banks will be minting in the INO events initially. After the first INO events, users will be able to trade with other users via ISKRA exchange platform or WOW in-app exchange. Further INOs after the first events may be scheduled in the future.

Will you list on DEX or CEX?

Yes. We are working with ISKRA, our launchpad and technology partner, to finalize the DEX listing schedules on its platform. As the WOW tokenomics and gaming community ecosystem stabilize, we will seek to list Token WOWs on other DEX providers outside of ISKRA, or CEX.

What wallets are supported?

As part of ISKRA’s gaming partnership, WOW has integrated the ISKRA technologies, and supports Iskra wallet. You can create one by following the steps here. Iskra wallet is required to acquire, hold and trade Isk and WOW tokens, and WOW NFTs. As WOW expands to multichain, there may be more wallets to be supported.

What blockchain technology is WOW built on?

WOW is built on the Klaytn blockchain technology. Klaytn is an open source public blockchain powering numerous applications and organizations. You can learn more about Klaytn here. WOW’s platform and an ecosystem partner, ISKRA, is also built on Klaytn. WOW team is planning on expanding into multi-chain in the near future such as Polygon or Ethereum.

What is ISKRA?

ISKRA is a Web3 gaming specialty platform to address Web3 gamers' needs for access to high quality gaming apps and amplify the values of being a member of the community. WOW entered into a partnership with ISKRA to reach a broader range of users, and offer more dynamic benefits to its users. You can learn more about ISKRA here.

What does ISKRA platform offer in playing WOW?

Players of WOW will take advantage of a variety of platform services that ISKRA offers. WOW is the first game that kicks off on the ISKRA Launchpad. WOW’s crypto assets including Token WOW and Piggy Bank NFTs will be distributed via ISKRA’s launchpad through the upcoming IGO (Initial Game Offering for Token WOW) and INO (Initial NFT offering for Piggy Bank NFTs) events. After the initial offerings, users will immediately be able to trade their tokens or NFTs via Iskra’s marketplace and DEX when it becomes available.

What are the benefits of being a member of ISKRA community?

As a blockchain platform specifically built for gamers, users will have access to many other Web3 games. Furthermore, ISKRA’s ongoing Daily Lucky Spin gives an opportunity for users to collect free NFTs, Isk tokens or points. You can sign up and start getting free crypto assets here.

Do I need to be a member of ISKRA to play WOW?

Yes, strongly recommended. WOW is closely integrated to ISKRA including the technologies and community. In order to enjoy the blockchain aspects of WOW including playing the Play-to-Earn tournament games, minting and trading WOW NFTs (Piggy Bank, Slot Machine), a user needs to have an Iskra wallet. You can sign up by following the steps here. Those who are not a member of ISKRA can still enjoy playing WOW as an off-chain gaming including the Slot Machines. WOW also supports Paypal as a payment method for buying Chips for Slot Machines.

Should I be interested in WOW as an investor by holding WOW tokens?

Absolutely. Social casino is a proven grossing genre in the mobile and Facebook gaming platforms due to users long term and deep engagement with the gameplay. WOW is the first Web3 Social Casino game offering the full blown Social Casino gaming experience and bringing in the success recipe of its mobile and Facebook peers to the crypto space.

How large do you expect your community to grow?

Our main KPI in terms of the community size is DAU (daily active users counted by the number of unique wallet addresses). Reflecting the fluctuating market conditions that started in early 2022, we’re projecting our DAU in a couple quarters upon launch to be ~2K DAUs. As the macro conditions improve over the next year or so, we will adjust our target to be ambitious yet achievable.

How does WOW generate its income?

WOW income sources are a few: (1) Chip (non-crypto in-game asset) sales paid via oUSDT. A portion of the sales will be allocated to the project revenue and the rest will cover the operations and tokenomics management (Buyback fund, reserve, deposit to protocols). Users can buy Chips to play slots, and other booster items that are consumable. (2) Fees from in-house NFT exchange. NFTs can be traded between users through the exchange. The project will get a cut (e.g. 5%) from each trade as a fee, and the remainder goes to the seller. (3) A portion of the tournament game admission fees. ~10% of the tournament games’ profit (total admission fees minus rewards)

What is WOW?

WOW is a blockchain based Social Casino game where users play slot machines and tournament games while acquiring and using NFTs that enrich their gameplay. Users experience growing their account both in wealth and experience levels, and interact with other players in social and competition contexts. Slot machines use non-cashable/non-crypto currency, while tournament games are crypto currency based to enable Play-and-Earn experience.

Why should one play WOW?

WOW is a fun game for any level of users agnostic to their previous experience with casinos. First time players will be exposed to fun visuals of slot machines, and level playing field by free chips and bonuses without paying. Once they get accustomed to the game play, they will have options to more intense plays via higher bets and higher pay-outs accordingly. That will also open doors for new experiences including tournaments, and VIP events. It's easy to start for anyone; the game is designed to support sustained play for any users whether paying, or non paying.

How do I Play-and-Earn in WOW?

Those who would like to participate in Play-and-Earn tournament games pay Diamonds for admission and get Token WOWs as a reward if ranked high in each round. Diamonds can be acquired through spinning the Diamond Wheel or participating giveaway events. Spinning the Diamond Wheel costs Token WOW. Currently, we offer Whack-a-Piggy and Rock-Paper-Scissors as the tournament game selection. Top players of these games receive prizes immediately after the end of each round. A round of Whack-a-Piggy runs every hour, and a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors runs every three hours.

Is WOW a gambling game? Any legal aspect users or investors need to know about?

WOW is a Social casino game, a genre that has already established a strong case to distinguish itself from conventional "real-money" casinos, and has been run without any legal issues through mobile apps and Facebook gaming platforms. The key difference is where the winnings from the "gambling" can be cashed out or not; social casino winnings cannot be cashed out, while real money casino winnings are. In a legal and technical sense, social casino is not categorized as gambling. Skill-based and competitive WOW tournament games offer prizes that can be cashed out as the prizes are Token WOW. However, tournament games are not gambling games as there’s no betting and winning.